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What We Do

For starters, we provide impartial information about Alaska's economy for use by the general public, business owners, and government officials. This is a free service made possible by our benefactors....

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska's economy. Our principal is Ed King; a professional economist, an economics professor, and a combat veteran. In total, Ed has...

How We Do It

Our Economic Indicator Model uses supervised machine learning algorithms to conduct predictive analytics on government supplied data. Those algorithms output our baseline assumptions, which are inputs into a General Economy...


The Fuzzy Logic of Columnists Writing about the Earnings Reserve

“How are you going to pay for all that?” a reporter asks Governor-elect Dunleavy. “$19 billion in the ERA. That’s how” he quips. Since well before the press conference following […]

A First Look at FY20 Oil Production

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources should be done with its production forecast. Over the next few weeks, The Department of Revenue will insert that forecast into their revenue model […]

What Will GMT1 Produce For The State Budget?

ConocoPhillips Alaska did a great job of getting the first Greater Moose’s Tooth (GMT1) development into production, ahead of schedule and under budget. We are all excited to have the […]