A little about us

What We Do

We provide impartial projections of the health of the economy for use by business owners and government officials. From these projections, we provide objective, nonpartisan analyses on how those projection...

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska's economy. Our principal is Ed King; a professional economist, an economics professor, and a combat veteran. In total, Ed has...

How We Do It

We aggregate data from multiple sources into a comprehensive picture of our economy. While many government departments and for-profit agencies create forecasts specific to their field, we seek to find...


Exploring Alaska’s Budget: Part 3 – Tracking Down Our Budget Growth

The story I hear most often is that when oil prices topped $100 a barrel, the Legislature went on a shopping spree. That sounds like a plausible story, but let’s […]

Exploring Alaska’s Budget: Part 2 – A look at FY19

Now that we have established some terminology, let’s take a closer look at the FY19 budget. In this post, I’ll be breaking down the budget that was passed in May […]

Exploring Alaska’s Budget: Part 1 – Speaking the Language

If you’re watching the gubernatorial debates, you’ve probably noticed that the budget is one of the hot topics. Some candidates say the budget is still too large, others say they’ve […]

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