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Projections for Fiscal Year 2021

updated 8/31/20

Recession Risk

In Recession

State Oil Revenues

$1.2 billion

Change in Net Position

$3.8 bilion surplus

Accessible Savings (End of Year)

$16.8 billion

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After all the craziness of negative prices last month, a reader asked if I would write an article explaining how pricing Alaska’s crude oil works. That seems like a good idea, although I can’t do it in one digestible piece. So, the plan is to write a three-part series that […]

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Most Alaskans spent a lot more time at home in April than they usually would. Many businesses were closed and a significant share of the labor force worked from home. The Coronavirus Pandemic generally trended downward during the month of April, ultimately leading to some restrictions getting lifted by the […]