A little about us

What We Do

We provide impartial projections of the health of the economy for use by business owners and government officials. From these projections, we provide objective, nonpartisan analyses on how those projection...

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska's economy. Our principal is Ed King; a professional economist, an economics professor, and a combat veteran. In total, Ed has...

How We Do It

We aggregate data from multiple sources into a comprehensive picture of our economy. While many government departments and for-profit agencies create forecasts specific to their field, we seek to find...


Did SB21 Cause Our Budget Problems?

I recently saw a social media post that said something to the effect of “the reason the State is broke is because of the oil tax giveaway back in 2013.” […]

Reconciling Oil Production Data: How Can We Agree on the Future if We Don’t Understand the Present?

Every February, the State’s attention seems to turn toward the North Slope. People become interested in whether or not oil production has increased, and what the experts expect to happen […]

Announcing the 2018 PFD

For decades, the announcement of the PFD was a big ordeal in Alaska. After the Permanent Fund Corporation Board meeting in September, a government official would tell Alaskans how big […]

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