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Nonpartisan, unbiased, data driven consultants

King Economics Group is a nonpartisan consulting firm that specializes in Alaska's economy. We offer economic support and expert advice to business leaders and government officials so that they can make informed decisions. Because Alaska's economy is so heavily dependent on government and natural resources, those are our primary areas of expertise. Our experts are ready to make your event memorable, provide you with the insights you need to move forward, and to help your organization prepare for the uncertain future.

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    We are experts in public speaking with extensive experience in front of crowds and classrooms.

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    We determine the value and feasibility of projects, then help them find funding.

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    We are recongized as one of the top forecasters in the world and can help you see what's coming next.

  • Strategic Planning

    We can help your organization develop and implement a winning strategy in the face of an uncertain future.

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