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Yes, PFD Cuts are Taxes

As the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) checks hit our bank accounts in a few weeks (October 4th), the deposit will be $1,600 for each of us. This isn’t news. We’ve known that since April. What you may not know is that those deposits are going to beĀ around $1,400 less than […]

Taxes Part 3: Measuring Success

In part 1, I spoke about why taxes are necessary in an economy. In part 2, I discussed how an economy functions and how taxation impacts an economy in general terms. Now, in part 3, I will discuss a little more deeply how to measure a successful tax policy. In […]

Taxes Part 1: Why Tax?

When it comes to tax strategy, from the view of any level of government, we must think about what we are trying to achieve. Generally speaking, tax policy has one of three goals. First, to raise revenues to pay for core services that benefit the public at large. Second, to […]