Premium Access

Note: Premium legislative content is suspended for the 2021 session.

Premium members have full access to our exclusive content — including our economic forecasts, bill analysis, and legislative updates.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Forecast updates: Each month, we provide a rundown of what’s going on in Alaska as a free service called “Alaska by the numbers.” Premium members get a deeper look at what those stories mean for the future. Coverage includes focused insights into how these stories change:

  • Alaska’s economic path
  • The state’s budget situation
  • Oil markets and production projections
  • Financial market activity
  • Other sectors

2. Sector and regional forecasts: Aside from the monthly updated overview, we periodically dive deeper into specific sectors or segments of Alaska’s economic system. Rather than doing this work for a single client, we make it available to everyone that is interested (at a fraction of the cost).

3. Legislative Updates: During the legislative session (January through May), you’ll have access to weekly updates on what the Finance and Resource committees are doing. This way, you’ll be up to speed on what bills are moving and what’s happening with the budget without having to watch dozens of hours of hearings. Think of this as the update you’d get from a lobbyist, but at a fraction of the cost. (Suspended during 2021)

4. Bill Analysis: When a legislative proposal has a significant economic impact, we tend to watch it closely. Premium members will have access to the initial bill analyses we publish (deeper analysis is available under contract to do the work). (Suspended during 2021)