King Economics is a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska’s economy. We provide impartial information about the health of the economy for use by business owners and government officials.
While many government departments and for-profit agencies create forecasts specific to their field, we seek to find coherence in those data. We aggregate data from multiple sources into a comprehensive picture of our economy.

Our goal is to inform rather than influence business and policy decisions. Therefore, all of our work products are based on data, not desires. All of our projections are followed by a test for accuracy to ensure they are not biased, and to correct predictive models when biases are located. None of our publicly presented information is influenced by our clients. We are not beholden to any business, industry, association, or political party.
We hope you enjoy the articles we post here and we hope you find the information on our website to be helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing