Alaska Oil Data

Here is some data regarding Alaska’s oil industry. You can download a comma separated value (CSV) file of any data you like by clicking the link above the chart.

Oil Price History 

Here is a chart of the annual average assessed value of Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude oil. The black line represents the actual observed price, while the red line shows inflation-adjusted prices in 2020 dollars.

Next is a graph of the monthly average ANS values for the last 20 years. You’ll also see Brent and WTI prices for comparison.

If you’re looking for daily prices, we have reliable data going back to September 1, 2000.

North Slope Oil Production

If you’re looking for information about oil production, here you go. Below, you’ll find a history for each production unit on Alaska’s North Slope. The data come from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Database.

Cook Inlet Production History

Oil Production Ranking History

Oil and Gas Jobs

Petroleum Taxes and Royalties

Production Costs

Estimated Company Profits