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By the Numbers

Alaska by the Numbers – September 2020

With the first quarter of fiscal year 2021 in the books, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air. But, a sense of optimism remains. The economy is slowly recovering, oil price stayed flat, production is looking better, and investment earnings are strong. Here are a few highlight […]

Alaska by the Numbers – May 2020

Here is your monthly round-up of what happened to Alaska’s economy and financial situation. The unemployment rate hit a record high The Department of Labor data for April gives us the first official glimpse at just how bad the pandemic hit our economy. It shows a seasonally adjusted rate of […]

Alaska By The Numbers – April 2020

Most Alaskans spent a lot more time at home in April than they usually would. Many businesses were closed and a significant share of the labor force worked from home. The Coronavirus Pandemic generally trended downward during the month of April, ultimately leading to some restrictions getting lifted by the […]

Alaska by the Numbers – March 2020

March was a crazy month. It’s almost unbelievable how quickly the world changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some quick highlights about how Alaska’s finances and economy were impacted by the pandemic. The Stock Market Collapsed March began with the Dow at 26,703. By the end of […]

Alaska by the Numbers – February 2020

Welcome to this month’s round-up of what happened in Alaska’s finances. It was a tough month for oil and equities, mostly due to the panic around the novel coronavirus. That’s making our already difficult financial situation even more challenging. The Permanent Fund Gave Back Its Earnings The Alaska Permanent Fund […]

Alaska By The Numbers – January 2020

Here is your monthly update on some of the things that impacted Alaska’s finances and economy. The Legislature Gaveled In on January 21st The primary responsibility of the legislature is to appropriate the money needed to run the state government. Unlike last year, the House Finance Committee got right to […]

Alaska By The Numbers – December 2019

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to turn our attention back to Alaska’s financial problems. Here are some of the highlights of what happened in December 2019. The Governor Released His FY21 Budget Proposal The governor rolled out his proposed FY21 budget on December 11th. To the surprise […]

Alaska by the Numbers – November 2019

November was a month of little change. In general, the markets turned slightly optimistic. That’s good news for Alaska in both the oil and investment side of things. Here’s a recap of where things stand. The Stock Market Gained on Trade Deal Hopes Equity traders saw a break in the […]

Alaska by the Numbers – October 2019

Here is your free monthly update on what’s going on in Alaska’s economy. The Labor Market Keeps Improving According to the Department of Labor numbers released last week, Alaska extended its winning streak to 12 consecutive months of job growth. The jobs count in September 2019 was a total of […]

Alaska by the Numbers – September 2019

Here’s your monthly briefing of what happened in the financial news and how it impacts Alaska’s economy and fiscal situation. Your $1,606 PFD is Coming on Thursday It’s official. The Department of Revenue has announced that the amount of 2019’s (FY20) PFD will be $1,606 for each eligible Alaskan. Not […]