Bill Analysis

There are three main problems this website attempts to correct. First, Alaska’s fiscal note system is not very sophisticated. There is a lot of important information missing from those documents – if you can find them. Second, the fiscal note system is difficult to navigate. There are not any good resources that provide transparency around the costs being contemplated. Finally, Alaska’s fiscal note system only considers the direct financial implications facing the executive branch. It does not consider how the policy will impact the broader economy or other levels of government.

Alaska’s current legislative process focuses on evaluating how a bill changes the government’s finances. The fiscal notes only address the projected costs and collections that would result from the bill’s passage. The important consideration of how the law changes the economic landscape is lacking.

That information gap is what this website seeks to fill. There are three ways that a bill can impact the economy:

  • Injections into the economy through government spending.
  • Leakages from the economy via taxation.
  • Changes to the economic incentives for investing in Alaska.

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