About Us

We are a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska’s economy.

Our principal is Ed King; a professional economist, an economics professor, and a combat veteran.

In total, Ed has nearly 20 years of experience providing consultation to senior management, providing training, and making forecasts.

His experience covers a wide breadth of topics, from forecasting the activities of militants in Iraq, to providing labor and sales forecasts to small business owners, to providing strategic insight, policy advice, and forecasts to the Alaska Governor and State Legislature on public policy.

He’s a 25-year resident of Alaska, originally brought to this great State by the US Army. His education includes an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Washington, a graduate degree in Applied Economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, a professional certification in risk management from Stanford University, and specialized training in petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

Ed has taught hundreds of university students in his Macroeconomic, Microeconomics, and Managerial Economics courses. He has also assisted on four economics textbooks and was a subject matter expert in economics for McGraw-Hill Publishing.

If you want to get to know him better, just email ed.king@kingecon.com and follow @kingeconomics on X.

What We Do

King Economics Group provides consulting services, strategy development, and corporate training for entities with an interest in Alaska’s economy. Email ed.king@kingecon.com to discuss any of these options.

Additionally, our website is designed to be a source of information regarding events or actions that could alter the economy’s course. If you are interested in a high-level monthly roundup of the economy delivered to your inbox, subscribe to our free newsletter. Or, if you’re interested in the economic policy discussions happening in Juneau, you may be interested in our premium newsletter and access option.