About Us

We are a nonpartisan economics firm that specializes in Alaska’s economy.

Our principal is Ed King; a professional economist, an economics professor, and a combat veteran.

In total, Ed has over 10 years of experience providing consultation to senior management, providing training, and making forecasts.

His experience covers a wide breadth of topics, from forecasting the activities of militants in Iraq, to providing labor and sales forecasts to small business owners, to providing strategic insight, policy advice, and forecasts to the Alaska Governor and State Legislature on public policy.

He’s a 20 year resident of Alaska, originally brought to this great State by the US Army. His education includes an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Washington, a graduate degree in Applied Economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, a professional certification in risk management from Stanford University, and some specialized training in petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

Ed has taught hundreds of university students in his Macroeconomic, Microeconomics, and Managerial Economics courses. He has also assisted on four economics textbooks and is a subject matter expert in economics for McGraw-Hill Publishing.

If you want to get to know him better, just email ed.king@kingecon.com and follow @kingeconomics on Twitter.

What We Do

For starters, we provide impartial information about Alaska’s economy for use by the general public, business owners, and government officials. We commit 20% of our time to doing various analysis specific to Alaska. The is provided pro bono as a service to Alaska.

We receive no funding for this service from any source. We are not beholden to any business, industry, association, or political party.

Our goal is to inform rather than influence business and policy decisions. Therefore, all of our work products are objective – based on empirical evidence.

Economic Indicator Model

In addition, we have created a proprietary prediction model of Alaska’s economy. The outputs of that model will be available to subscribers once we have finished beta testing.

Our Economic Indicator Model uses supervised machine learning algorithms to conduct predictive analytics on government supplied data. Those algorithms output our baseline assumptions, which are inputs into a General Economy Model (GEM) of the economy.

The GEM was constructed using our expertise in Alaska’s economic system, applied natural resource economics, state laws, and regional factors. All of these factors establish the relationships between variables, which allow changes in the baseline forecast assumptions to flow through the rest of the economy.

The algorithms will update each day, to incorporate the oil price, oil production, and stock market closing price for the day. The model is also updated each week to adjust for new information provided by other data sources and news outlets.

Via this model, business leaders and policy makers have the most current information at their fingertips. And, the general public has a way to translate news stories into quantifiable implications on the economy.

If you are interested in receiving these forecasts, feel free to send an email to get on the waiting list.

Customized Forecasts and Decision Analysis

If your business or government agency is trying to plan for the future, you need good forecasts and structured decision analysis.

Fortunately, that’s our specialty. Just send an email to ed.king@kingecon.com, or call 907-699-6788 and we can discuss how we can help.